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Weekly Gemini Horoscopes

Weekly Gemini May 21 – June 21

Sunday, October 15, 2017

your happiest times all month are the days, like this sunday, when you spend time with friends in group activities. Spiritual practices and some charity work may be involved in making this a rewarding time. Work, achievement and ambition are important to you and come almost automatically this monday. You appear very comfortable in your job. Everything seems to be working together and when interrupted, you can still maintain a balance. You may find this tuesday is a beneficial time for working, research, music, creative writing or low-key communication with those around you–especially with the very young. Lighthearted entertainment can be appreciated this evening. It is possible to overdo the exercise program–careful this wednesday morning. Keep an ever-watchful eye on balance in your life now. This means a reasonable amount of exercise, balanced nutrition, play, work, rest and time to volunteer. Sharing responsibilities this thursday may actually improve the productivity of some project. In the workplace this friday, you win recognition and authority through hard work and knowing the score. This saturday morning will bring with it positive opportunities. You educate yourself on better nutrition, this weekend.

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