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Weekly Leo Horoscopes

Weekly Leo July 23 – August 22

Sunday, October 15, 2017

this sunday may be challenging, but it is quite gratifying when you look back to see the accomplishments you make in such a short time. All the energies are working in your favor for this monday to be a successful time. An appreciation for creative insights that are quite otherworldly is upon you. There could be a few challenges this tuesday as circumstances may block you or bring you to a standstill. It may be easy to work at cross-purposes to your own interests. You will be reaping the rewards of your efforts this wednesday, as well as the next few days. This could be in sales, volunteer service, budgeting or any of the other projects that improve as you take the time to pay attention to them. You make a positive difference. While it would be easy to get into positions that would encourage long conversations, you will excuse yourself to tend to whatever personal project you have going this thursday. People and business projects are easily manipulated, but this friday could result in resentments or a change of plans. Try to give proposals and ideas time to develop before you push for an outcome. Circumstances may block you or bring you to a standstill this saturday. Fortunately, a delay is what makes this day lucky.

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