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Weekly Scorpio Horoscopes

Weekly Scorpio October 24 – November 21

Sunday, October 15, 2017

this sunday is not the most practical time to get into a close partnership, regardless of how alluring the prospect. Dive into some activities this afternoon with your friends. Short or long trips bring wonderful adventures your way. Habits are in a cycle of change this monday; variety satisfies a deep inner need. You keep alert to any possible changes and you manage to move a few steps ahead. You know a secure opportunity when you see one and are willing to put forth the work it takes this tuesday to see the results of growth and stability. There is a yearning this wednesday to broaden your horizons through travel, education or both. You may feel restricted in some way. Perhaps, survival training or photography in seldom-traveled places would satisfy your travel needs. You are able to use good common sense and you will make all the right moves; trust in your decision-making abilities this thursday. You will be pleased this friday morning–just take a look at all that is being accomplished! This is a rewarding day. Pay close attention to how you direct your energies. Encourage your mate this saturday–it will benefit you! A natural transformation of your values and the way you appreciate and love is taking place.

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