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Astrology today and yesterday is the practice of people using the stars and planets not only for directional guidance in the night sky but also to establish physical and emotional traits for people born under certain Zodiac Signs. People who originally created astrology from the movements in the heavens believed that the celestial bodies caused events in people’s lives and thus made each of us who we are today. Astrology is the same today except that we might approach it a little differently with our words. But numbers are numbers and astrology is made up of numbers where celestial bodies intercept one another and give interpretation to their movements by cause and effect in our lives. Astrology like everything else in the world in physics is numbers, geometry and more.

In these later years as Astrology aged it encompasses more than people in its ever evolving gift of predictions. Livestock was since astrology began a method in which to plant and raise animals for food. It was not only for our health but to keep us alive from day to day. Astrology is revered by some but looked at with suspicion by others.

So when you read your horoscope please know that it took a long look at the mathematics of celestial movement to create your horoscope and you in your spiritual lives to decide which Zodiac Sign to be born under. And that’s not all. Your Zodiac Sign when your moment of birth is casts gives you other pertinent to your life information in all the aspects, especially your Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Life, for you, just wouldn’t be the same under any other Zodiac Sign.

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Different Astrology

Different Astrology comes from different areas of the world. Some uses celestial events and some use seasons to create an astrological chart.

For instance we love the old standby of Chinese Astrology because it’s always been here it seems in the form of Eastern Astrology. Chinese Astrology uses Animal Zodiac Signs which you might find interesting. Each animal is different in its personality trait. From the rat to the snake you can see how those might be interesting in this form of astrology.

Vedic Astrology is Indian Hindu Astrology and uses the movement of the stars/planets to calculate positions for casting a horoscope with Sidereal astrology. Sidereal Astrology gives you the exact moment of your ascendant or the time you were born instead of using the season which is much longer.

Astrology Information

Zodiac symbols making up constellations outline the earth and create the Zodiac. Stellar constellations are where each of the Zodiac Signs gets their name. As they revolve around the earth, the signs become event markers. Almost since the first person looked up at the stars, astrology has been around. Each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac represents personality characteristics.

Some of the uses of the Zodiac are found in the Farmers Almanac. Certain signs let them know when to plant gardens in order to get the best harvest. They also used the Zodiac calendar to learn when to surgically remove animal body parts without affecting the growth of said animal.

Astrologers use the Zodiac to calculate astrology and learn about people’s futures and how they react to life. For astrologers, the Zodiac is the road map of people’s lives. In some countries astrology is ordered for a child shortly after birth to see what their lives will become. That practice is now more prevalent in the United States as well.

In astrology a birth chart shows the three strongest characteristics of your life which come from your sun, moon and ascendant. Learn how these Zodiac Signs influence your astrology and life. Look at your sun, moon and ascendant by getting your natal chart now.

Astrology and Horoscope

Understanding the relationship of your ruling planet in Astrology for your Zodiac Sign

In astrology, a planet, the sun or moon rules each astrological sign. From birth until death, personality traits and happenings in your life are defined by where those planets sit and progress through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Your ruling planet, how it aspects and progresses within the Zodiac previews what your life has to offer.

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The Planets


Natal Chart or Birth Report

To get your own personalized horoscopes get your natal chart birth report below. Four minutes does make a difference on your Ascendant. Get as close as you can by checking your birth certificate. Don’t ask your mother unless she’s like me and knows the very time that baby was born. If you don’t have a mother like me use that birth certificate to find the correct time.

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