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Da Juana Byrd


Thank you so much for considering taking the survey “Zodiac Signs and Your Pet.” I hope you’ll continue on and take this astrology survey. You’ll be anonymous just like your pet but you can also see the results of the survey too.

It doesn’t matter the type pet you have. It can be a dog, cat, bird, hamster, horse, cow, you name it. All animals we love are important in our lives.


Astrology impacts us all no matter what species we are. That’s what I’m looking for here. Not only do I want to know your pets Zodiac Sign but I want to look at the Zodiac Signs for Compatibility. This is even though I don’t have the Ascendant of either you or your baby pet. Astrology makes life more interesting in my opinion and I’d like to see how it measures up in your lives by your taking this survey.

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Survey Says

The Chicago Tribune did a column on Pets and Owners behavior to see if they become alike or if they are already alike. Found this after I decided to do the astrology on you both. But it’s interesting so I’ll share.

Go look after you’ve finished here and you’ll find more on animals too.

Chicago Tribune June 6, 2015 Survey says:

Dog owners also believe that dogs display high levels of intuition and empathy, and that they exhibit emotional behaviors that are often solely attributed to humans:

  • 79 percent say their dog tries to comfort them.
  • 55 percent say their dog looks at them with loving eyes.
  • 52 percent say their dog can sense when they are sad.
  • 93 percent believe dogs have the ability to smile.
  • 79 percent believe dogs feel embarrassment.

This is something that you and I as pet lovers already knew but it’s good to see it in black and white. Go read the rest of the survey. It’s good.

But what do people who have animals that live them and which they love really know anyway? Science needs a survey.

Zodiac Signs

Certain Zodiac Signs personality traits are given to other animal infants upon birth who might be born under different Zodiac Signs than ours just like humans.

Heck even trees and more are born under Zodiac Signs. Everything has personalities by the Zodiac. We don’t generally see that because other than me, Da Juana Byrd, who often communicates with trees, many others don’t. The earth actually has a Zodiac Sign when the big bang happened. Bet you never thought of that. But me the always questioning psychic and medium did.

All the personality traits you find under your Zodiac Sign your pet will find its characteristics under its own Zodiac Sign.

Birth Report for You and Your Pet

As you might have already read, I’m a Libra with an Aries Moon and a Gemini Ascendant. You can find your information as long as you have your correct time because four minutes makes a difference at the Birth Report on the menu.

Get both yours and your pet’s Birth Report to see how you match up and then you can read about it under Compatibility.

How am I supposed to know my puppies or kitties time of birth? I’m not psychic like you Da Juana. Well, got the answer for that because really you are psychic too. It’s very easy. You just ask your dog, cat or other pet’s spirit to tell you. Believe the first answer you get. Then try it to see if that’s your fur baby’s personality traits.

You’ll probably know where your pet was born because you might know the proximity by how you got them even if in a puppy mill or animal shelter.

If you’ve had to estimate your pets date of birth you can use the same method to ask all information of the pet’s spirit.

Next try it out. You can tell really quickly whether you have it right or not when you start reading about your pet’s Zodiac Signs and from the Birth Report find their Moon and Ascendant. The Moon is the secret self only you really know about your pet. His or her Ascendant is the way other’s see her or him.

For instance, my little darling puppy is an Aries with a Libra Moon and get this, a Leo Ascendant. I know her as very diplomatic and watchful of people (Libra) puppy but she’s also very outgoing which comes from all her signs. Her Aries makes her adventuresome and ready to run. Then you see how others look at her as the king of beast with the little Leo showing up as a queen of drama when others are around. Moreover, others love that attitude.

My Kitty the little Taurus doesn’t even think she’s a cat. She thinks she’s her Moon, Sun and Ascendant. Her Moon is Libra and she really tries to make everyone happy but her Aquarius Ascendant keeps her independent.

This little cat who has grown up around a business and the home never met a stranger until one stood on our porch and kicked my cat because he thought I wouldn’t know.

She was running to me when I rounded the porch and asked her what was wrong. She looked back at the offender who was waiting for me to answer the door while he fixed the pants leg of the leg he used to kick her. It made the Aquarius come out more in her and now she’s leery of strangers. (You do know what I wanted to do to him and he knew too in that moment. Let’s say that man doesn’t come back to this house again now.)

More on the Survey

What I want you to look at is the fact that pets are like us in that they have a multi-dimensional personality as we humans do. When we are closer to them they generally have some of our Zodiac Signs in them just as our children do. It’s highly unusual that you don’t see Zodiac Signs of one or both parents in your children. It’s the same with pets.

We look for Compatibility in the pets we pick. That compatibility is most often found through Astrology just as you pick friends or lovers. We find comfort in the relationships we make when someone is compatible. Pets are family we make. Our pets are generally closer to us than some members of the family.

Without Astrology

You’re telling me you didn’t use Astrology to pick your little fur baby because you didn’t even know it would extend to your pet!

As a Psychic and Medium I know that our spirits immediately size up another’s spirit to see if we want to care for them in any manner.

That is how we choose a pet. Your spirit knows.

You look into those beautiful big eyes and you know for sure you feel something. That’s because most of the time you pick using spirit and spirit likes Astrology Compatibility.

Please tell us about your Fur Baby

I know you have stories. After you’ve taken the survey there is a section where you can go to share any stories you might want to share about your fur baby. We want to hear.

When you do so will you please input both of your Zodiac Signs before you start. I can’t wait to hear your stories and I’m sure others want to hear as well.

Thanks so much for taking your time to enlighten us with your information “Zodiac Signs and your Pet” Survey.

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