Zodiac Signs in Astrology Explained


Da Juana Byrd


In order to have Zodiac Signs in Astrology explained one has to realize where Astrology and thus their Zodiac Sign came from. Zodiac signs are made up of constellations outlining the earth. These constellations create the Zodiac. Stellar constellations are where each of the Zodiac Signs gets their name. As they revolve around the earth the signs become event markers giving us horoscopes signs daily and oh so much more.

Almost since the first person looked up at the stars and saw that they moved around and across the earth man figured there was something to that movement. After considerable thinking and watch astrology was born. It looked as if the placement of the constellations and their movements brought on seasons to early man. Zodiac Signs movement across the sky must have something to do with man or so man thought. Man, being selfish as we are, wanted a reason about where we stood in the scheme of things. Man got it in Astrology.

Each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac represents personality characteristics and as I, Da Juana Byrd, mentioned above so much more in Astrology.

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Man has made use of the Zodiac since man discovered there was a Zodiac. It’s not just for personality traits belonging to each of the Zodiac Signs. Some of the uses of the Zodiac are found in the Farmers Almanac even if you’re not sure you believe in Astrology. Certain signs assist you in knowing when to plant gardens in order to get the best harvest, when to cut your hair in order that you don’t have to pay for it as quickly next time and when to cut a colt to make him a gelding. They also used the Zodiac calendar to learn when to surgically remove animal body parts without affecting the growth of said animal. More than just your daily horoscope signs makes up Astrology. Zodiac Signs are a huge part of Astrology as well.

Astrologers use the Zodiac to learn and forecast people’s futures. In that way people also get horoscope daily signs to know what to expect and how to react to life. For Astrologers the Zodiac is the roadmap of people’s lives. In some countries astrology is considered a part of life which is very important. A birth chart is ordered for a child shortly after birth to see what their lives will become and how that child will fit into the family unit. More people in the United States are seeing the benefit in following their Astrology for help through life’s choices now than ever.

In a birth chart, the three strongest characteristics of your life come from your sun, moon and ascendant which are your personal Zodiac signs plus you get the ruling planets of those three Zodiac signs. Figure out where they are and voila you have more personal planet information too for your Astrology.

Learn how these Zodiac Signs influence your life. Find out what your sun, moon and ascendant are now. Your personalized astrology is like a blueprint for your life…go to your birth chart and get your personalized astrology. It’s just one more tool to make your life better.

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